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Safety in Cape Town

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Volunteering South Africa, IO Cape Town

Although, our team is focused to ensure safety to our students. They will receive an orientation upon their arrival that will contain safety, security and the most popular places in Cape Town. Our local Team in Cape Town provide 24/7 service for our students.

As It was mentioned before, Cape Town is one of the most breath-taking city in the world. However, as other cities, it has its social issues and unfortunately crime, is one of them. As a result, upcoming students frequently ask: Is Cape Town safe? There are many places in Cape Town where you can walk around freely. Crimes such as burglaries, pick pockets unfortunately do take place. It is advised, when a student go out we recommend to do it in groups of people rather than alone. Furthermore, we also suggest that students should not walk around with large amounts of cash and never to accept help from anyone at an ATM. Furthermore, our students are also advised to lock their bicycles, homes and cars at all times and never to leave valuable items such as iPads, cameras, mobile phones and wallets/handbags unattended.