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Transportation during your volunteering program

internship cape town
Internship South Africa, IO Cape Town

Transportation in and around Cape Town
Transportation in Cape Town is developed. The city offers an affordable and efficient bus system called ‘’My City’’ bus system which run through Cape Town and its surrounding areas. On the other hand, there are several car rental agencies for students who want to travel around Cape Town. The price of a car rental mainly depends on the agency and also the type of the car, usually is about 200 / 250 euros per month.

We always try to make sure that our volunteers stay near their volunteering program so that they don’t have to rent a car. However, keep in mind that some projects such as community development might require car transportation to get to your volunteering program. In some cases Volunteers can also share a car with other volunteers. If you don't want to rent a car or do not have a driver's licence, then you can just let us know and we will organise you your volunteering program according to your requirements.